Thursday, May 10, 2007

Until I Find You

by John Irving

820 pages of book discussion goodness!

John Irving has admitted to this novel being the most autobiographical of his novels. Sure there's wrestling, the Irving trademark. But there's much, much more in this 820 page tale of Jack Burns. We meet Jack when he is 4, and his father has already left Jack and his mother. His father, William, is an accomplished (and womanizing) organist. His mother is Alice, an accomplished tattoo artist (Daughter Alice to her clients). What follows is an epic journey for Jack Burns. He will travel across Europe in search of his father, he will engage in disturbing sexual behavior, and he will eventually become an accomplished movie actor.

To tell you anything else would spoil the surprise. Plus, I've covered all bases: tattoos, disturbing sexual behavior, and acting. Even though I did not want to read this novel, I really enjoyed it.


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