Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The Rest of Her Life

by Laura Moriarty

Leigh is a good mother. She has a good husband, Gary, and two good kids, Kara and Justin. For Leigh, everything in her life is good at the present moment.

Things change quickly when Kara is involved in a car accident. Striking and killing a pedestrian devastates her and everyone around her. Suddenly, the most popular and outgoing girl is hiding in her bedroom. And while trying to help her daughter, Leigh is grieving for the young girl killed, one of her former students.

This novel is about so much more than the car accident. It's about Leigh and Kara's relationship and how Leigh wants her relationship to be so much better than the one she had with her own mother. It's about Leigh's struggle to give her children everything she didn't have (and wanted) as a child.

A quick, but thoughtful read.


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