Monday, October 15, 2007


by Ann Patchett

Being adopted by the lily white Doyle family forever changed the lives of Tip and Teddy Doyle. Life was so much better for the two boys. Until their mother, Bernadette, died. Then life was rigorous. Bernard Doyle was determined to make their lives better and follow in his own political footsteps. Needless to say, politics was in neither boy’s blood.

But don’t tell that to Doyle. When the boys are 20 and 21, Doyle is still dragging them to political meetings, and that is where our story begins. A snowy winter night sets the stage for a speaking engagement with Jesse Jackson. The two young men attend the presentation with their father, as usual. After the meeting, Tip is almost struck by a car. Almost? He is pushed out of the way by a stranger. But the woman who saves him and is subsequently struck is his birth mother, Tennessee. He doesn’t know that. But she does. She has been following the progress of her two sons since the day they were given up for adoption. She and her daughter, Kenya, know all about Tip and Teddy.

What will Tip and Teddy do when they discover the identity of their birth mother? And what role might Kenya play in this family reunion? And how will Doyle feel about all of this?

Read and find out! This is an absorbing and deeply human novel, full of surprises. I loved it!


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