Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The View from Mount Joy

by Lorna Landvik

What or where is Mount Joy? It is a state of mind (joy) for more than one of the characters in Lorna Landvik’s latest offering.

Our story begins when Joe Andreson and his widowed mother move to Minneapolis. At his new high school, Ole Bull, Joe meets the young women who will become a big part of his life. Darva Pratt is the intelligent and artsy outcast with whom Joe has a platonic relationship; Kristi Casey is the cheerleader who treats Joe to sexual favors.

As Joe, Darva, and Kristi graduate, their lives diverge. But various circumstances bring both women back into Joe’s life. And what about Joe? Well, he remains ever the nice guy and one of the most likable narrators I’ve ever met.

This story has everything: laughter, tears, family, babies, etc. Read it and enjoy it.


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