Friday, December 28, 2007

The Heroines

by Eileen Favorite

Thirteen-year-old Penny lives in a very unusual B & B with her mother. What makes it so unusual? The mother and daughter are occasionally visited by the heroines of novels. Guests have included Hester Prynne and Scarlett O'Hara.

Cool, right? Well, except for the fact that her mother pays more attention to the Heroines than Penny. At that awkward, moody age, Penny craves some attention, and when yet another Heroine arrives, she's had enough. The new guest, Deirdre, is a sobbing mess, and Penny wishes that she'd leave.

The appearance of the hero of Deirdre's story further complicates things. And makes for an interesting and revealing plot twist.

I really enjoyed this imaginative novel. A day later, I was wishing that there was more of this story to read.


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