Thursday, January 17, 2008

Beginner's Greek

by James Collins

Before I say anything else, I have to say that I love this novel. I love the plot, I love the characters, I love the pace, and I love the ending.

Now, here’s the story (briefly): Peter meets Holly on a flight from New York to LA. They talk, they bond, and by the time the plane has landed, Peter is sure that he is in love. Holly gives him her phone number, but by the time he gets to the hotel, he realizes that he has lost it. He has lost the most important number in his life. And he doesn’t know Holly’s last name.

A few years later, Holly and Peter meet again. Unfortunately, Holly is now married to Peter’s best friend, Jonathan, a philanderer extraordinaire. What follows is a series of circumstances that bring Holly and Peter together and keep the two apart. Along the way, there is an extremely amusing office subplot for Peter.

This is a fabulous romantic comedy. It is full of rich and interesting characters and quite a few surprises.


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