Monday, February 04, 2008

By George

by Wesley Stace

This is the story of two boys named George.

The first George is an eleven-year-old schoolboy named George Fisher. He is the son of actress Frankie Fisher, grandson of ventriloquist Joe Fisher, and great-grandson of Echo Endor, ventriloquiste extraordinaire.

The second George is also named George Fisher. He is Joe Fisher's dummy. He is also a schoolboy, as that is the style of the dummies produced during that time period.

Together, the Georges will tell the story of the Fisher family. We will learn of the Fisher family's rise to fame, and we will also learn the many secrets of this extremely complex family. And we will be amazed.

This is a great novel. I actually laughed out loud several times, and I really didn't ever want to put it down once I had started reading. The narration is clever, the story is engaging, and both Georges will hold your attention from the first page to the last.


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