Monday, February 18, 2008

The Chameleon's Shadow

by Minette Walters

Lt. Charles Acland suffered brain injury, as well as facial disfigurement while serving his country in Iraq. His recovery is remarkably quick, but those around him quickly discover that the man has a very short temper. His doctors attribute his attitude to brain injury, as well as his reaction to his hideous disfigurement.

Meanwhile, there are a series of murder going unsolved in London. Some occurred before Acland's stint in Iraq, and some have happened since he's left the hospital. All of the murders appear to have been committed by the same person, and Acland seems to have connections with more than one of the victims. His violent temper, coupled with the coincidental connections to some of the victims, makes Charles a prime suspect.

Could he have murdered these men? Will he murder again? How could he possibly be the murderer, when he is crippled by constant, debilitating migraines?

All will be revealed in the latest suspense offering from Walters. I could not put down this book.


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