Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Thirty Ways of Looking at Hillary: Reflections by Women Writers

edited by Susan Morrison

Before I review this collection of essays, I have a confession: I like Hillary Clinton, and I'm not afraid to say so.

Having admitted that, I read these essays with great interest. More often than not, this collection tackles women's opinions of Hillary. Women's negative opinions of Hillary.

Essays tackle everything from her pantsuits and cleavage to her accomplishments and ambition. The collection also includes a cartoon, as well as a fun "senior bio" from a high school yearbook.

A couple of points are made again and again. First, people don't like Hillary because she possesses qualities (strength, ambition, lack of emotion) that are more commonly associated with men. Successful men. Not women. Another point explored is Clinton's unknowability. She is more private and reserved than her husband, and people tend to respond to this in a negative way. Finally, some observers don't feel that she's earned the right to run for president and has merely ridden on her hubby's coattails.

I enjoyed reading these essays. They gave me a better understanding of her opposition's opinions and reinforced my own opinions of Clinton.


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