Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bad Blood

by John Sandford

As I have stated in a previous review of a novel in the Virgil Flowers series, Virgil is a rural version of Sandford’s popular character, Lucas Davenport. While he uses his knowledge of small towns to solve mysteries, Virgil is, first and foremost, a womanizer, not a crime solver. This outing is no exception.

When a young man brutally murders a farmer, a bigger story is revealed. Two words: sex crimes. Icky, icky sex crimes are linked to a kooky so-called church in town.

This reminded me a lot of Winter Prey. Not very original, Mr. Sandford.

Also, Sandford is now collaborating on his novels ala James Patterson, though his pals do not get cover credit. I think that Sandford is just about finished with the writing biz. Thank God!


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