Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Save the Deli

by David Sax

On my first trip to NYC, my husband and I ate deli twice—Artie’s and Ben’s. We could not wait; there is nothing like it in the Twin Cities. Little did we know that the Jewish delicatessen is dying.

That’s right: according to Sax, delis have been closing in large numbers over the years. I guess it’s tough to get a good pastrami sandwich anywhere, not just Minnesota. So, our intrepid author tackles the dilemma of the dying deli and travels across North America (and even Europe) to find out whether great Jewish deli still exists.

Sax covers NYC, Chicago, Detroit, LA, Montreal, Toronto, London, Paris, and several more places. He is a master when it comes to writing about deli food—my mouth was watering as I read this book. He possesses a deep and abiding love for pastrami and rye, and he is dedicated to telling his readers where to find the good stuff.

And to be extra helpful, he includes a listing of the delis mentioned, as well as a food and Yiddish appendix.

Tasty and tempting!


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