Tuesday, August 16, 2011


by Rainbow Rowell

Lincoln ONeill needs to get a life. Now. He’s well past the age at which it is appropriate to live with one’s parent (but he still does), and his great source of entertainment is his weekend game of D & D.

And his job, oh, his job! He works nights in the IT department of a newspaper. Specifically, he monitors employee email. Any email that is flagged by the software is read by Lincoln, and he then sends a warning to the offending employees. Well, he usually does that, but now that’s found the correspondence between Beth and Jennifer, he can’t quite bring himself to stop their communication.

Beth and Jennifer both work for the paper and are great friends. Lincoln secretly enjoys their email exchanges, which reveal a lot about the women, including Beth’s tenuous relationship with her rocker boyfriend. As he continues to read their email, Lincoln starts to develop feelings for Beth.

But how can Lincoln introduce himself to Beth and exclude mentioning the way he has come to know her?

This is a sweet and funny noel about work, life, and love in Omaha, Nebraska. The characters are real and extremely likable. Though it does start slowly, it’s definitely worth the extra effort to keep reading.


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