Thursday, September 15, 2011

Smells Like Dog

by Suzanne Selfors

This is not a sad dog story. I repeat, this is not a sad dog story.

Our story begins with the introduction of 12-year-old Homer Pudding. Isn't that a great name? By the way, everyone has a great name in this novel. Homer lives on a goat farm and dreams of becoming a treasure hunter someday, just like his uncle, Drake Horatio Pudding.

When his uncle unexpectedly dies, Homer receives an inheritance: a dog. This is not just any dog; this is a basset hound with no sense of smell. And yes, Homer gives him the most original name ever, Dog.

Dog's entry into Homer's life sets off a series of adventures for the boy and his hound, which include a trip into The City and a better understanding of how Homer's uncle died.

Part mystery and part adventure, this is a most unusual novel for young people. I'm not quite sure what to think of it, but I do love Homer W. Pudding and Dog. And the super cute cover of the book!


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