Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Jane Goes Batty

by Michael Thomas Ford

This sequel to Jane Bites Back returns readers to upstate New York and Jane Fairfax AKA the immortal Jane Austen. Yes, Jane is now one of the undead, due to Lord Byron’s bite so many years ago.

When our story begins, Jane is in a real pickle: her boyfriend, Walter, wants to marry her. She has not told him that she is a vampire, and she never expected a marriage proposal from him. How can she tell him the truth? Additionally, his mother is coming to town. How will she deal with her?

On top of the Walter issues, Jane is feeling a lot of pressure to write her “second” novel. According to her contract, she is supposed to be finished, but she’s barely started it. To further complicate matters, her first novel is being made into a movie, and the movie’s being shot in town. Oh, the chaos and complications!

This really is a fun series. It is fun to imagine Jane Austen as a vampire who is trying to jump start her writing career. The novel is full of good humour and good, clean vampire fun.


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