Sunday, February 05, 2012

The Return

by Håkan Nesser

When a young student stumbles upon a mutilated dead body, two questions arise:
1. Whose body is it?
2. Who murdered this person?

Of course, Inspector Van Veeteren is not officially assigned to the case. Instead, he is in the hospital for cancer surgery. Naturally, the folks assigned to the case need his sharp mind and experience in order to solve the case.

When the identity of the body is determined, Van Veeteren takes a keen interest in the case. The victim, a twice convicted murderer, sparks many questions in the good inspector’s mind. Finding those answers will be challenging for law enforcement, as these murders took place in a small town. Somehow, Van Veeteren will get to the truth—he always does!

As always, this series does not disappoint. The novels always focus on the mystery, not the sleuth. I really appreciate this aspect of Nesser’s writing. Nesser always provides a great plot, no gimmicks, no larger than life characters, and no unnecessary words. Perfect!


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