Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I've Got Your Number

by Sophie Kinsella

Charming bride-to-be Poppy Wyatt has a million things on her mind and lots of plans to make. When her trusty cell phone is nicked, she cannot believe her bad luck. And when she finds a perfectly good phone recently tossed in a bin, she cannot believe her good luck.

The cell phone belongs to the PA for businessman Sam Roxton. As she soon discovers, Poppy will be receiving a lot of communication for Sam on that phone, and that's how the fun begins. . .

Relaying messages, answering e-mails, and advising Sam in all matters of office etiquette becomes quite a job for Poppy. In the meantime, Poppy's having doubts about her wedding. With the chaos of a wedding added to the phone craziness, it's a lot for any girl to handle.

Charming, delightful, frothy fun! Wonderful beach read!


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