Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Land of Decoration

by Grace McCleen

10-year-old Judith McPherson is not like other children. She is a Believer. She believes in God and accompanies her father on his door-to-door missions to recruit new members for the church.

Judith is also haunted by a bully at school. Her life is miserable, and she finds solace in her "land of decoration" at home. The LOD is constructed with bits and pieces of junk and nature. She creates stories and characters with the LOD.

Everything changes when Judith creates a snowstorm with the LOD. It doesn't just snow in the LOD; it also snows outside in the real world. And Judith is convinced that she made it happen. With that snow, Judith discovers the power of her Faith.

With her newly discovered power, Judith turns the tables on her tormentor. And then she really discovers the extent of her power. . .

Beautiful, heartbreaking, and unique.


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