Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Starboard Sea

by Amber Dermont

It is 1987, and Jason Prosper is preparing to enter his senior year in high school. His junior year was tough: his best friend, Cal, committed suicide. When Cal killed himself, Jason lost his confidante and sailing partner. How can he pick up the pieces and finish school?

Well, the first change in his life will be school. He was kicked out of boarding school after Cal’s death. He will now start his senior year at Bellingham Academy, a school that caters to boarding school rejects like Jason.

There are so many challenges for Jason at Bellingham: making friends, missing Cal, and most of all, sailing. Can he sail again? And can he find a true friend again, a friend who will guard Jason’s deepest and darkest secrets?

All will be revealed in this well-paced and engrossing novel.


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