Friday, January 24, 2014

Heirs and Graces

by Rhys Bowen

Her Royal Spyness is back! Lady Georgiana Rannoch is still 35th in line for the throne and still penniless.

In this outing, the queen requests Georgie’s help with an intriguing matter: grooming a duke’s newly found heir. Jack Altingham was discovered at a sheep station in Australia’s Outback and has been brought to England to meet his “new” family and the estate he stands to inherit.

The estate, Kingsdowne Place, and the family prove to be a challenge for Jack. After all, he is a little rough around the edges. When the current duke is then murdered, all eyes focus on the newly found heir.

Of course, it is up to Georgie to clear Jack’s name and find the true culprit.

As always, this entry is as light and frothy as all of the previous novels in the series.


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