Friday, February 21, 2014

These Things Happen

by Richard Kramer

Fifteen-year-old Wesley is best friends with Theo. Both young men are on top of the world when Theo wins their class election. Things quickly change during Theo’s acceptance speech. In the heat of the moment, Theo decides to come out of the closet. What follows the speech is a series of reactions to Theo’s intimate revelation.

Told from various points of view, this novel exposes the reader to reactions by: Wesley’s father, mother, George (father’s partner), Lenny (George’s friend), and the list goes on.

So many points of view! And none of them are unique. I kept getting confused. There’s Wesley’s father, Kenny. And Wesley’s step-father, Ben. And the aforementioned Lenny. Kenny, Lenny, and Ben? Really? Not too imaginative.

I think this could have been successful if the story had been told from just one or two points of view. The novel could also use some character development.



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