Sunday, March 02, 2014

Petals on the Wind

by V. C. Andrews

This deliciously trashy sequel to Flowers in the Attic picks up the story of the Dollanganger siblings after they escape Foxworth Hall. Christopher, Cathy, and Carrie travel south, and find a kind benefactor in Paul Sheffield, MD. Chris pursues his dream of becoming a doctor, and Cathy continues to dance.

Although she has always dreamt of becoming a prima ballerina, she has an even bigger dream now: revenge. She lives to exact revenge upon her mother.

The desire for vengeance darkens Cathy’s soul and prevents her from achieving success as a dancer. It also prevents her from attaining happiness as a person. Frankly, while Christopher and Carrie try to move on from their horrid past, Cathy dwells upon it in a most unnatural way.

Cathy’s actions and feelings can only be described as batsh#t crazy. Also, Chris’s obsession with his sister remains creepy and unnatural. Very creepy.

I have to admit something: this novel is even more addictive than Flowers in the Attic. I am not at all surprised by the success of this series and the success of V. C. Andrews. It’s not great literature, but it is extremely entertaining.


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