Saturday, July 05, 2014

Lost Lake

by Sarah Addison Allen

Kate Pheris just spent the last year in a state of sleep. Her husband died, and she hasn’t been functioning well since that day. Until now—moving day. Today is the day that Kate and her daughter, Devin, are moving into her mother-in-law’s home. Of course, moving in with Cricket is a horrible idea, but Kate’s hardly been living for the past year, much less making good decisions.

Evy’s ready to sell her property at Lost Lake. Once a charming and rustic resort, Lost Lake has lost its popularity for travelers. Only her most loyal guests have come to LL for one last stay this year.

Until Kate arrives. . .

Evy’s story and Kate’s connection to LL drive the plot of this charming novel. Love, family, friendship, and nostalgia make a winning combination in this latest offering from SAA.


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