Monday, October 27, 2014

Christmas at the Cupcake Cafe

by Jenny Colgan

Readers return to the Cupcake Café in this sweet holiday novel from Jenny Colgan.

Christmas is coming, and Cupcake Café owner Issy is eagerly anticipating a cozy holiday. Living with her boyfriend, Austin, and his younger brother, Darny, Issy looks forward to the family fun of the season.

Her dreams of Christmas bliss are interrupted by Austin’s business trip to NYC. The folks in NYC are so impressed with Austin that they want him to move there. Who could resist such a great opportunity?

Well, Issy could resist it. The thought of leaving her beloved Cupcake Café is, well, unthinkable. The problem lies with Austin, as it appears that he really has no choice but to move.

What will happen to the happy couple? Where will they spend Christmas? Will they even be together when Christmas arrives?

Patience, dear Reader. All will be revealed.

Warning to readers: though the author claims that this novel can stand alone, I think it would be better to read the previous Cupcake Café novel first. I say this because I did not and was confused by all of the supporting characters. And, if you’re not interested in doing that, I would recommend skipping this novel and just reading Colgan’s The Loveliest Chocolate Shop in Paris. It is a better example of her ability to successfully combine food and fiction. 


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