Monday, October 27, 2014

Dear Committee Members

by Julie Schumacher

Have you ever requested a letter of recommendation (LOR) from a professor? Have you ever wondered what he/she wrote in that letter?

Maybe you don’t want to know. Well, you certainly don’t want to know if you’ve asked the fictitious Professor Jason Fitger to write that letter for you.

Fitger is a frustrated and cynical professor of creative writing at Payne University. The school isn’t that great, nor are its students and faculty members. Even the physical conditions are pretty awful. In fact, Payne has very little to recommend itself.

Through a very humorous collection of LORs, readers will learn about Fitger, his students, his colleagues, and even his love affairs. Fitger isn’t afraid to speak the truth, and these letters do not disappoint.

This is an epistolary novel written with great humor. Highly recommended!


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