Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair

by Joel Dicker

Translated from the French, this thriller will keep you up late at night, unable to stop reading.

Briefly: Marcus Goldman has a problem—writer’s block. The bigger problem? He’s a writer with a 3-book deal, and he hasn’t written a word since his book was published. At wit’s end, Marcus contacts his mentor from college, Harry Quebert. Harry has also written a bestseller, so maybe he can advise Marcus. Harry invites him to his home in Somerset, NH, and that’s where our story begins. . .

I do not want to give away any plot points, so I’ll try to keep this short. Marcus gets sucked into a murder investigation in NH. Harry is the main suspect, and the victim, Nola Kellergan, was killed thirty years ago. Did I mention that Harry and Nola had an affair? And that Harry’s great American novel was written during the summer that Nola was killed?

Anyway, as Marcus tries to clear Harry’s name, he becomes tangled in a web of craziness that was Somerset, NH in 1975 and still is in 2008.

This novel is awesome. It is a thriller about writers and writing. It is about love and passion and small towns. And it is about murder.

The author keeps his readers guessing until the very end. I read this in two days, but if given the chance, I would have read it in one day, doing nothing else but reading.


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