Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Charlie Glass's Slippers: A Very Modern Fairy Tale

by Holly McQueen

Charlotte "Charlie" Glass is at loose ends: the father for whom she has been "carer" for years has died. What will she do now?

Well, the reading of her father's will points Charlie in a new direction--shoes. You see, Charlie's father was iconic shoe designer Elroy Glass, and she has just inherited his empire.

But what does Charlie know about fashion? Fat and frumpy, Charlie decides that she must glam up in order to succeed in the shoe/fashion industry.

Drastic weight loss, countless beauty treatments, and full devotion to shoes change Charlie's outlook. And others finally notice Charlie. But is this what she really wants?

It's a Cinderella story complete with evil stepmother, horrid stepsisters, and, of course, a business named Glass Slippers. Chick lit + fairy tale twist = good, frothy fun!


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