Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Small Blessings

by Martha Woodroof

Rose Callahan. What was life like before she came to campus to manage the bookstore? Whose life wasn't improved by her arrival?

Tom Putnam cannot even explain Rose's magic. Rose's connections with other people are indescribable. One minute, Tom's wife is the most fragile being on Earth; the next minute, she's inviting Rose to join them for dinner.

It is inevitable that Rose and Tom will connect. He is the kindest, most loyal man on campus. She brings people together. They seem destined to meet.

I won't reveal any more plot points, as I wouldn't dare spoil this novel for anyone. Full of warmth, kindness, and some super-crazy plot twists, Small Blessings is the best novel I've read in 2014. And that's no small blessing!


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