Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Secret of the Mansion

by Julie Campbell

I remember reading my sister Mary's paperback copy of this novel a long time ago. I read it several times, but I never moved on to the second mystery in the series. When I saw it at the library, I could not resist rereading it.

This novel introduces readers to Trixie Belden, the spunky 13-year-old from Sleepyside, NY. She lives on a farm with her parents and three brothers.

Our story begins in the summer. Trixie's two older brothers have gone away to camp to work as counselors. As she dreads another day of gardening with her mother and babysitting her younger brother, something wonderful happens: neighbors!

Trixie's new neighbor, Honey Wheeler, is everything that Trixie is not: pale, frail, and perpetually frightened. But Trixie is thrilled to have someone her own age around, so she does everything she can to befriend the new girl.

They become fast friends, and the bond strengthens with their first mystery.

Briefly: the miserly old neighbor, Mr. Frayne, collapses and is taken to the hospital. Honey reports seeing a face in Mr. Frayne's window. What follows is the tale of a sad widower and the equally sad tale of his heir.

This is a cute story. Trixie is very wholesome and adventurous. I think I like her because, unlike Nancy Drew, she is a bit of a tomboy. She's fun. I enjoyed this so much that I'm going to look for more books to read in the series.


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