Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Furies

by Natalie Haynes

Alex Morris has left London to escape the pain. The pain of a murdered fiancé.

She starts over in Edinburgh, thanks to an old friend. In London, she was an up-and-coming director of plays; in Scotland, she teaches drama to troubled students. It’s a struggle for Alex because she really is hurting. But one day, the kids finally get it. They are participating, interacting, and thinking. Great, right?

There’s just one thing: they’re getting into those Greek tragedies just a little too much. All of the murder and vengeance in the plays is way too appealing to these kids. Has Alex gotten in over her head?

Though this is a page-turner, I cannot say that the writing is all that great. The students are sort of interchangeable, and Alex is not the most appealing protagonist. Still, a good read for someone at home with the flu.


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