Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Man in the Wooden Hat

by Jane Gardam

This is book 2 in the trilogy that starts with Old Filth. Unfortunately, Old Filth was not on the shelf at my library.

This is the story of a marriage told from the wife’s point-of-view. Well, actually, it is the wife’s story told in the 3rd person.

Anyway, Eddie “Old Filth” Feathers cannot wait to marry Betty Macintosh. Having met in Hong Kong, they find that they share similar pasts, i.e.: childhoods in the Far East.

Feathers feels most fortunate to have nabbed Betty. But Betty? Even up to her wedding day, she’s not so sure. And the way that she feels on that day will haunt her for the rest of her marriage. Betty wants more: a beautiful home, a bunch of children, and an adoring husband. Feathers doesn’t give her that, though he really does adore her. Mostly, he’s too busy with his work to spend time pleasing Betty. And you know what happens when a wife is neglected. . .

I liked this novel a lot. It’s not too long or unnecessarily wordy. It’s full of humor (and a little heartache). I’m looking forward to reading Old Filth so that I may read Eddie’s side of the story.


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