Tuesday, June 09, 2015

First Frost

by Sarah Addison Allen

In her latest novel, Sarah Addison Allen takes her readers back to Bascom, North Carolina and the Waverley sisters. This time around, Claire has switched from a catering business to a candy-making business. Sydney’s still doing hair, and her daughter, Bay, is a very grown up 15-year-old.

Each of the Waverley women is experiencing some sort of conflict:

• Claire: though successful with candy-making, she’s still not happy,
• Sydney: though happy with her husband and daughter, she longs for another baby, and
• Bay: she’s fallen for an impossible boy, and her family does not support her.

As the first frost nears, the magic of the Waverleys brings each conflict to a boiling point . . . and a resolution.

Even though I enjoyed revisiting the Waverley sisters, this novel lacked the magic of SAA’s other novels. She phoned in this one.


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