Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Unimaginable Zero Summer: A Novel

by Leslie Stella

Leslie Stella does it again!

Verity Presti has no desire to attend her 15-year high school reunion. Why would she? She’s a bookstore clerk, and she’s dating a man named Charlie Brown.

The good news is, Verity’s high school friends don’t really feel great about the reunion either. One friend, Will, is a KJ (karaoke jockey). See? Verity’s not doing so poorly after all.

The greatness of this novel comes from two places: the setting (Chicago) and Stella’s humor. Leslie Stella knows Chicago, and she knows funny. Seriously funny.

The story is full of gems, far too many to list. The characters are great, the setting is amazing (Chicago as it really is, told from an insider’s perspective), and the author’s ability to see humor in any and all situations. If you need a laugh, check this out. You will not be disappointed.


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