Thursday, February 22, 2007


by Sarah Dessen

When Caitlin's sister, Cass, leaves home with no explanation, the family situation changes dramatically. Cass, the perfect sister, decided to forgo a Yale education and shack up with her boyfriend. Her parents are puzzled, and Caitlin's just a little lost without her big sister.

In an effort to come into her own, Caitlin becomes a cheerleader, something Cass never did. And she meets a boy, Rogerson, who soon calls himself her boyfriend. She's now living the life Cass didn't: cheerleading, smoking pot, and dating the local drug dealer. Life is dangerous, and that's the way Caitlin likes it. But when things get out of hand with Rogerson and his violent tendencies, life for Caitlin becomes painful and frightening.

A touching and well written novel for young adults. Recommended.


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