Monday, February 26, 2007

This Lullaby

by Sarah Dessen

Okay, so now I'm on a Sarah Dessen binge. Anything to forget about that book discussion I have to lead on Wednesday.

Our heroine is Remy, the daughter of a romance novelist and a musician. But she never met her father; he left while her mother was pregnant with Remy. His legacy is a song that he wrote for Remy--This Lullaby. Remy is jaded and bitter, and there is little wonder why. Her mother has been married multiple times, and Remy just doesn't want to be involved with men.

Until she meets Dexter. Dexter is everything she abhors in a guy: messy, disorganized, happy-go-lucky, and totally in love with her. So she breaks all of her rules (no musicians!) and lets herself fall, only to find that she'll be hurt again.

Even though I liked this book, it's not nearly as good as Dreamland. This one was too long and lacked the teen angst/issues that are so crucial to the young adult novel. Romance just isn't enough!


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