Monday, February 19, 2007

Little Lady, Big Apple

by Hester Browne

Honey's back! Or should I say, Melissa Romney-Jones, the proprietor of the Little Lady Agency, is back? Anyhoo, her squeeze, Jonathan, invites her to New York for a holiday. Will it be so easy for Melissa to leave her clients? Not a chance!

While Melissa is in dire need of a holiday, her business is very important to her. So it's no surprise that she winds up advising all sorts of people while in the big apple. Well, what else is she going to do when her workaholic boyfriend is always cancelling dates to meet with clients?

While this was a fun sequel to The Little Lady Agency, I couldn't help but to be bored sometimes. I love the Melissa/Honey character and all of her London family and friends. I just couldn't get into the New York scene. I think this little lady is best left in London.


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