Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Taming of the Duke

by Eloisa James

The Essex sisters are back, and this time the focus is on Imogen aka Lady Maitland. Or is it? This silly Regency romance has way too many subplots. Anyway, Imogen's been widowed for at least a year, and she's looking for a lover. Unfortunately, she's staying at her guardian's place for a while. Rafe, by the way, is her guardian, but not related to her and not too much older than her.

Additionally, Rafe's illegitimate brother is staying with him. Gabe looks just like Rafe, except he's younger, slimmer, and isn't a drunk like Rafe. And he has an illegitimate baby daughter. So, Imogen decides that she wants to hook up with Gabe, but he's not interested. Instead, Rafe masquerades as Gabe, and hot sex ensues. Really quite ridiculous.

There's a whole other subplot about the mother of Gabe's daughter and her acting aspirations, as well as Imogen's sister, Josie, who's apparently too chunky for the ton to take notice of her. Whatever.

Save yourself some time and just reread a Julia Quinn romance.


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