Monday, February 12, 2007

The Ruby in the Smoke

by Philip Pullman

"A Sally Lockhart Mystery"

Sally Lockhart is a recently orphaned 16-year-old in Victorian England. Currently staying with a dreadfully cruel aunt, Sally is determined to make it on her own, and her father has prepared her, at least mentally, to do so. Her first task? To decipher a mysterious letter that she receives. The letter leads her to a gentleman by the name of Marchbanks, and the mystery really begins here.

A coveted ruby, a mutiny, a secret society, and the opium trade all play a part in the first in a trilogy of Sally Lockhart mysteries. The plot is complex and intriguing, and Sally is a highly resourceful and spirited girl.

I loved it. And I loved Masterpiece Theatre's presentation of the story a few weeks ago. This is a great historical mystery for young adults.


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