Friday, March 16, 2007

The Yummy Mummy

by Polly Williams

Six months into her maternity leave, Amy Crane is becoming a frump. No, wait, she’s become a frump. Her hair, her clothes, and her weight are no longer her top priorities, and she’s starting to worry that her boyfriend (and the father of their baby, Evie) may just leave her.

Enter Alice, Amy’s hip and beautiful friend. Alice, in spite of her mothering duties, looks gorgeous. She’s what you’d call a “yummy mummy.” Alice is eager to embark upon Operation Amy, and before she knows it, Amy has become a yummy mummy, too.

But will her good looks be enough to keep Joe around? And what about that hot Pilates teacher who keeps hitting on her?

Good concept, but it was kind of a slow read. And the ending’s kind of lame.


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