Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Just Listen

by Sarah Dessen

Yes, it’s time for more teen angst with Sarah Dessen. . .

Annabel Greene has it all: great looks, tons of friends, and the best clothes ever. Wait, that’s just what she portrays in a commercial for a local department store. In reality, Annabel is lonely and struggling amidst a great deal of family drama at home. Her sister, Whitney, is anorexic, and her parents have now devoted all of their attention to her. Meanwhile, Annabel has her own problems.

Enter Owen Armstrong, the school’s outcast: known for his hot temper and right hook, he’s the last person Annabel would expect to become her ally. But he does. Owen is the only person who wants to listen to Annabel and the only person in Annabel’s life who values the truth. His deep need for truth will force Annabel to finally explain why she isn’t that popular girl in the commercials and help her to heal some pretty serious wounds.

Yes, I liked this, but it still doesn’t compare with Dreamland. It takes the author forever to begin to develop Annabel’s character, and hey, it’s kinda hard to sympathize with a teen model anyway. Still, a good read for teens who like to read about teens in pain.


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