Monday, April 30, 2007


by Jill Kargman

Hannah Allen recently moved from San Francisco to New York, and boy, is she ever a fish out of water. Her husband, Josh, isn't much help--he's busy working 16 hour days, while Hannah's left with her 2-year-old, Violet, to navigate the craziness that is the Upper East Side.

Never fear! There is a whole group of moms to "help" Hannah along; unfortunately, they are so not like Hannah. They're well-dressed & well-coiffed and eager to compete. Their children speak Mandarin and attend only the most prestigious nursery schools. How can Hannah (and Violet) ever measure up?

This is a frothy and fun look at the world of Momzillas: moms who do everything, have everything, and, of course, know everything. Not perfect, but a quick and entertaining read.


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