Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Book of Ralph

by John McNally

Read it for a book discussion.

Hank Boyd has an unlikely friend in Ralph. Ralph flunked two grades and is the school's criminal. Hank is straight-laced and unassuming and a perfect accomplice for the local thug. From crazy money-making schemes to dreams of a Styx concert in the local reservoir, the two boys share an interesting bond.

This isn't a traditional (linear) novel. Really, it's a book of stories that happen to feature the same characters. We meet Hank and Ralph in junior high and then go back in time to the first time they met. Later, we fast forward to Hank and Ralph as adults. To say that this book is disjointed is a gross understatement. And while it has some genuinely funny moments (Hank's Gene Simmons costume for Halloween), I wouldn't classify this book as humorous. I just don't know what to think about this book.

Not recommended


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