Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Mountain Time

by Ivan Doig

Mitch Rozier is a newspaper man in Seattle. His mate, Lexa, is a successful caterer. Both are transplants from Montana. When Mitch is summoned back home to take care of business for his father, the real drama begins. Lyle Rozier is dying of leukemia and needs Mitch to handle some paperwork for him. To complicate things, Lexa comes to Montana with her sister, Mariah, a successful photographer who has just returned to the states.

Mariah documents Lyle's last days on film, but that's not where the drama lies. The heart of the pain in this novel lies in Mitch and Lyle's strained relationship. What happened in the past to damage the relationship between father and son? Can the relationship be repaired before Lyle dies? And just what are Lyle's final wishes?

Read this slow, quiet, and beautiful novel to find out! Don't forget to enjoy the soothing descriptions of Montana's scenery.


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