Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Little Earthquakes

by Jennifer Weiner

I’m still not really sure about the title of this novel—really, Weiner could have done better in that respect. Essentially, this is a novel about pregnancy and motherhood and all that they entail.

There are 4 main characters:
Becky: the chef and mother-to-be. She’s married to a momma’s boy.
Kelly: the event planner and mother-to-be. She’s married to the unemployed guy.
Ayinde: the gorgeous mother-to-be. She’s married to the philandering NBA player.
Lia: the mother whose baby died. She’s lost, but, of course, when she finds friendship with the mommies-to-be, she finds her way back.

An engaging story with several likeable characters, but really, not terribly realistic with its happy ending.


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