Monday, July 09, 2007

What the Dead Know

by Laura Lippman

The Bethany sisters disappeared from a shopping mall thirty years ago. No bodies were ever found, no real leads or clues ever surfaced. Dave and Miriam Bethany were devastated, and their marriage ended shortly after the disappearance of their daughters.

Thirty years later, a woman is picked up by the police after a car accident. Interestingly enough, she claims to be Heather Bethany, the younger of the two sisters. She has no proof of her identity; even the car she is driving is registered to someone else. For the police, she could be the key to finally closing the case. But is she really one of the Bethany sisters? She seems to know the details of the case, but does she know everything? It is up to the police, and eventually, Miriam, to finally identify this mystery woman and her connection to the disappearance of Heather and Sunny Bethany.

An engrossing novel of suspense. Although I did guess the identity of the mystery woman, Lippman kept me interested from the first page to the last page. Highly recommended.


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