Saturday, December 08, 2007

Person of Interest

by Theresa Schwegel

I chose to read this novel because I read a great review of it somewhere. Now I can't remember what the review said, or why the novel sounded so appealing to me.

This is the story of Craig McHugh, a cop with a not-so-great marriage and a not-so-great career. He's currently working on a case that seems rather convoluted and involves gangs that work out of Chinatown, as well as Uptown. Oh, yeah, this is allegedly a Chicago-based story. Anyway, Craig's wife and daughter get caught up in his incompetent investigation, and, well, violence ensues.

This is not a mystery. This is not a police procedural. The story takes place in Chicago, but only skims the surface of the city. Really, I don't know why I chose this book, but I liked it enough to keep reading. In the end, though, I regretted it. The ending was unsatisfying.


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