Wednesday, January 09, 2008

A Beautiful Blue Death

by Charles Finch

So, I'm on a historical mystery kick. I can't help it. I ask you: who doesn't enjoy a good Victorian mystery?

And I can't think of anyone who won't enjoy Charles Finch's first mystery in a series. His protagonist, Charles Lenox, is a gentleman, armchair traveler, and amateur sleuth. Joined by his elegant best friend, Lady Jane, and his indispensable butler, Graham, Lenox is thrust into a complex murder case involving a former maid of Jane's.

The deceased maid was employed at the Barnard mansion and murdered with a unique and expensive poison, bella indigo. It is up to Lenox and his Scotland Yard foe, Exeter, to find the killer. And someone else will be killed before they do that.

I loved this mystery. The relationship between Lenox and his man reminds me of Wooster and Jeeves. And Lenox is a terribly appealing sleuth.


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