Friday, January 04, 2008

The Tiger in the Well

by Philip Pullman

A Sally Lockhart Mystery

The third installment of the Sally Lockhart mysteries series is even more complex than the other two entries. It is also, unfortunately, a little too obvious, as I figured out the identity of the mysterious villain way before Sally did. And if I figured it out, everyone figured it out. No matter, though, because Pullman still spins a decent yarn.

It's about 2 years since we last saw Sally, and she is now raising Harriet, the daughter she conceived with Frederick right before he died. All seems to be well until Sally receives papers that state that she's being sued for divorce and custody of her child. One problem: Sally never married anyone. The problem compounds when her alleged husband starts taking all of her assets.

So, Sally has to discover the origin of the cruel plot hatched against her. And, there's an interesting, but somewhat tangled subplot about Jewish immigrants and socialism in England. But it all comes together.

A worthy conclusion to this fabulous trilogy.


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