Monday, March 31, 2008

The Little Lady Agency and the Prince

by Hester Browne

Melissa Romney Jones aka Honey Blennerhesket is back! The Little Lady Agency is still immensely successful, and Melissa is now engaged to her fabulous former client, sexy American Jonathan. So what could go wrong?

Well, Jonathan's working in Paris and has some expectations for Melissa. He wants her to start a new business with him in Paris. But Melissa can't give up the LLA. Who will help the hapless and helpless bachelors of London? Especially Nicky, the playboy prince that Melissa just acquired as a client.

Additionally, Melissa has a host of family issues to deal with, including the christening of her new nephew. And, she's got a flatmate (Nelson) who's pining for her.

How could she possibly drop all of this and head to Paris?

The third entry in the LLA series is just as light and fluffy and enjoyable as the other two. Enjoy!


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