Monday, March 31, 2008

The Luxe

by Anna Godbersen

Gossip Girl meets turn of the century New York. Need I say more?

Elizabeth and Diana Holland appear to have everything: money, status, friends, fashion. But life is not so great for them. Their father recently died, and their mother has just informed them that their financial status is dropping quickly. In fact, Elizabeth must marry soon to improve their circumstances.

Luckily, wealthy ne'er-do-well Henry Schoonmaker must also marry soon. His father has ordered him to do so for reasons of a political nature. Convenient, right? Wrong! Both candidates are in love with other unsuitable people. Neither wants this match to happen.

Can they make this partnership work? Or will other interested parties interfere?

Read and discover the secrets of the upper class in this fast-paced novel for young adults.


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