Thursday, April 03, 2008

The Secret Adventures of Charlotte Bronte

by Laura Joh Rowland

I read a review of this in EW and was really excited to see it on our library's shelf. Why? I am a huge fan of Charlotte Bronte, and I am also a fan of historical mysteries. Also, I've always meant to read one of Laura Joh Rowland's mysteries, so this was a good opportunity.

Now, Reader, here is the basic plot: when Charlotte and Anne Bronte travel to London (for business), they meet a mysterious woman, Isabel White, on the train. Isabel seems terrified of something or someone and rightfully so. Once arriving in London, Isabel is murdered, and Charlotte is a witness to the crime.

Why would someone kill her? It's up to Charlotte to find out because Miss White has entangled the Brontes in her mess.

Spies, Queen Victoria, the opium trade, and even a love interest for Charlotte make for an intriguing and engaging mystery.

If you love Jane Eyre, the Brontes, or Victorian mysteries, you'll enjoy this novel.


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